Telehandler Buckets

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Telehandler Buckets

Telehandler Buckets feature the same high-quality reinforced design as many of our other buckets. Telehandler buckets are great for bulk material handling. Additionally, multiple add-on options are available, as well as a variety of mounting types.



  • Our largest bucket option
  • Three bottom plates and two side plates protect against hard materials
  • A reinforced bucket radius adds strength and makes clean out simple
  • Multiple bucket accessories available


Product # Outside Width Cubic Yard Cutting Edge Weight
3207212W 72" 1.2 Welded 710 lb
3207212B 72" 1.2 Bolt On 781 lb
3209615W 96" 1.5 Welded 910 lb
3209625W 96" 2.5 Welded 1135 lb
3209615B 96" 1.5 Bolt On 1005 lb
3209625B 96" 2.5 Bolt On 1231 lb

All buckets are available with teeth

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Telehandler Buckets