Auger Shaft Extensions

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Product #: Shaft-Extensions
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Auger Shaft Extensions

Extend the reach of the Auger Drive with Auger Shaft Extensions. Auger Shaft Extensions attach in seconds and feature heavy-duty construction with 3 different height adjustments for added flexibility.



  • Extends auger reach for deeper digging
  • Attaches to Auger Drive in seconds
  • Five different shaft extension lengths available, from 24” to 100”
Product Number Shaft Length
AE-24-20-H 2” Hex 24
AE-48-20-H 2” Hex 48
AE-60-25-H 2.5” Hex 60
AE-80-25-H 2.5” Hex 80
AE-100-25-H 2.5” Hex 100
AE-24-20-R 2.56” Round 24
AE-48-20-R 2.56” Round 48