Super Duty Grapple Rake

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Super Duty Grapple Rake

This patented Grapple Rake has the most clamping and crushing power of any skid steer grapple on the market today. The heavy-duty construction makes these grapples perfect for demolition, concrete removal, handling large materials like logs, and more. Three models are available. All models are constructed from 1" High Tensile Steel, and feature hardened tips for increased durability.


  • 6, 10 and 10 Tine Wide Models
  • Made with 1" thick Grade 50 Steel
  • Provides over 3.5 tons of crushing force at the tips
  • Easily scarifies and rips tough ground and roadway
  • Most powerful, versatile skid steer grapple available
  • Comes standard with a universal skid steer quick attach



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