Fork Storage Rack

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Store, Protect and Organize Forks

Model Shown: # 1002046
72” Wide X 42” Deep
Can be customized to specific dimensions

Fork Rack stands approximately 3” off the ground to:
Keep forks out of mud , water or other elements
Allow the entire rack to be lifted or transported with a forklift

  • Empty weight: 315 lbs.
  • Designed for forks up to 2.5” thick
  • Chain across the back to hold forks in place
Product #: 1002046
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Fork Storage Rack

Keep your Arrow Forks organized and looking their best by raising them off the ground with the Arrow Fork Rack. The fork rack is easy to move due to its fork-mountable design and the included safety chains keep your forks in place. The fork rack is a great option for improving your retail display while improving storage and organization.

Sorting and systematizing your products is essential to keeping your showroom or warehouse looking clean and organized. This especially holds true with forklift forks, which usually end up being placed directly on the ground when not in use.

However, with Arrow’s Fork Storage Rack, you can store your forks off the floor and display them the way they’re meant to be. Our Fork Rack stands approximately 3” off the ground which makes it the perfect storage solution for warehouses, showrooms, or keeping them out of the mud during outdoor usage. The Fork Storage Rack is designed to store forks up to 2.5” thick and weighs 315 lbs.


  • Keeps your forks organized and off the ground; perfect for showroom display
  • Ruggedly built for both indoor and outdoor usage
  • Fork Rack is fork-mountable, making transport easy
  • Chain across the back of the rack holds forks securely in place
  • Custom sizes available upon request


Fork Storage Rack