Rotating Roll Clamps

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OEA Kaup Rotating Roll Clamps are essential solutions for handling spools of paper, large pipes, tires and other cylinder-shaped loads, and are optimized to handle complex applications while ensuring operator safety and maximizing productivity. OEA Kaup Rotating Roll Clamps are designed to prioritize speed over torque. Should the need arise, this can be reversed to prioritize torque over speed.

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» Attachment versatility: Don’t be hindered by standard opening range — rotating fork clamps can open more than 75 inches, giving the operator full control.
» 360° rotation: Rotating fork clamps can be rotated 360° in either direction — giving the operator flexibility to manage tight situations and empty bins or containers fully.
» Operator productivity: Precise movement of forks from inside the forklift cab allows operator to reposition for different load sizes quickly and safely.
» No pallet needed: Rotating fork clamps can pick up awkward or bulky objects by squeezing clamps together, no pallet needed.


2.640 lb, 5,621 lb, 6,160 lb