Push Pulls


» Attachment versatility: No need for pallets, move bagged loads or stacked items with slip sleets.
» Modular design: Slip-on model can be fitted on existing forks; can use with or without adjustable carrying plate.
» Excellent visibility: Attachment designed with cut-outs for better operator sight.
» Attachment durability: Pushing mechanism is manufactured from high tensile steel, not castings, for maximum durability and attachment longevity.

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Push-Pull attachments are an efficient way to move loads without the need for traditional pallets. Typically used for bagged products like seeds and other agricultural materials, cosmetics and cased food, Push-Pulls replace pallets with inexpensive slip-sheets.

OEA Kaup Push-Pull attachments are designed with a scissor system so that the pushing mechanism is self-supporting. All hydraulic cylinders have been optimized to the required application guaranteeing safe handling of the load. The use of plastic sliding bushings makes the bearings of the scissor system maintenance-free. All models come standard with rubber stops to reduce excessive ware on attachments, increasing durability.

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Plate Dimensions

1.4 x 15 x 48", 0.4 x 15 x 48", 1.2 x 33.9 x 49.2"