SS Fork Positioning Pallet Forks

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Skid Steer Fork Positioning Pallet Forks

Skid Steer Fork Positioning Pallet Forks, also known as hydraulic fork and frames, integrate dual flow hydraulic cylinders for simultaneous movement. The heavy-duty hydraulic cylinders mount internally to reduce weight. Hydraulic frames include high strength, high carbon steel forks. Jump hoses sold separately.



  • 5,500 lb. capacity heavy-duty frame
  • Dual flow hydraulic cylinders
  • Lightweight internal cylinder mounting
  • Heavy-duty 2″ cylinders with 1.125″ diameter piston rods
  • 5 inches of movement for each fork


*Forks on the hydraulic frame are designed for “Lifting”, not “Squeezing”, and should not be re-positioned while under load. 


Fork and Frame Assemblies