ITA Forklift Side Shifters

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Side Shifters

Side Shifters provide additional maneuverability when positioning the fork carriage in awkward spaces. Our ITA Side Shifter is designed to increase productivity while remaining efficient by reducing time and labor costs. This starts with a lightweight design. By minimizing any loss at the load center due to the weight of the attachment, the forklift can maintain its available capacity while increasing operator efficiency. Many of the attachments’ most wear-prone components are replaceable and significantly increase the lifespan. These parts include the clips, wear pads, and top mounted hydraulic cylinders.


  • Bolt on ITA clips
  • Pre-drilled holes available for load backrests
  • Lightweight design
  • Top mounted hydraulic cylinder


Product # Class Size Weight
SS – 37 – 2 II 37″ 130 lb
SS – 40 – 2 II 40″ 136 lb
SS – 43 – 2 II 43″ 143 lb
SS – 40 – 3 III 40″ 172 lb
SS – 43 – 3 III 43″ 180 lb
SS – 49 – 3 III 49″ 196 lb

Custom Lengths Available up to 100″

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