Auger Drive Log Splitter

Log Splitter

Get more out of your auger drive investments with the Arrow Log Splitter. This attachment is perfect for breaking down felled trees and large logs into manageable-sized pieces. The single-piece conical design draws in the drill as it rotates, splitting the log in two. For larger logs, the splitter can be repositioned so that the entire log can be split lengthwise. Measuring 7” in diameter and 11.8” in length from base to drill tip, the Arrow Log Splitter is compact yet powerful. It’s also designed to prevent from overheating during continuous use, therefore, preserving the seal of your auger drive.


• Works with most standard skid steer and excavator Auger Drives (2,2000 – 11,000 lbs./1 – 5 mT)
• Ready to use on 2.562” drives
• Log Splitter Adaptor available for 2” Hex drives
• Quickly splits logs into manageable sizes
• Robust build with single-piece conical design
• 7” diameter; 11.8” length from base to drill tip
• Weighs 32 lbs.
• Log Splitter Part #: ALS-20-R – This fits on all 2.56” round output shafts
• Adapter: AMP-4-019 – Adapts the Log Splitter to fit on 2” hex output shafts.

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