Smart Load Control

OEA KAUP’s Smart Load Control (SLC) system is a game-changer for material handling attachments. It is the only standalone system on the market that regulates the clamping force exclusively based on the load weight, making it load dependent and not load pattern dependent. The SLC system is completely independent of the forklift, requires no calibration or operator setting adjustments and functions without any intervention in the forklift hydraulic system. This innovative system guarantees damage-free handling of goods, improving efficiency and safety in material handling operations.

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Standalone System: No electronic or hydraulic sensors or controls required, 24 volt DC power and hydraulic supply are the only requirements from the forklift.

Smart Technology: Completely self sensing and on the fly auto adjusting. Defined by the load, not pre-set based on force or product selection.

Damage-Free: The goal of the system is to ensure that only as much clamping force as necessary acts on the load.

Never more than necessary: Lifting, clamping and transportation of load with optimal clamping pressure.

Interchangeable pads: 4-piece design allows user to rotate pads to extend life; several pad options to meet specific application demands.

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Clamp Type:

Appliance/Carton, Bale, Barrel/Drum, Fork Clamp, Roll Clamp, Block/Brick, Multi-Purpose