Fork Extensions

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Fork Extensions should never exceed 150% of the length of the supporting forks.

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Fork Extensions

Our Fork Extensions are built with Grade 50 steel to withstand daily wear. The safety yellow finish and curved tips protect your product and your people. Extensions slide on and off of the existing forks in just seconds. Every extension is stamped with the load capacity rating and features welded retaining straps for forks up to 2” (50mm) thick.



  • Made using a high strength steel
  • Curved tip design lifts pallets without difficulty
  • Yellow powder coated finish to increases visibility
  • Custom modifications available upon request

*Fork Extensions are designed to improve load stability, and should be used only to their stamped capacity. Fork Extensions should never exceed 150% the length of the supporting forks.

Product # Width Length
FE-460 4″ 60″
FE-472 4″ 72″
FE-484 4″ 84″
FE-496 4″ 96″
FE-560 5″ 60″
FE-572 5″ 72″
FE-584 5″ 84″
FE-596 5″ 96″
FE-660 6″ 60″
FE-672 6″ 72″
FE-684 6″ 84″
FE-696 6″ 96″

* All Fork Extensions are sold in pairs.