Up to 12k Shaft Frame & Forks

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for Telehandlers, Backhoe Loaders and Compact Wheel or Track Loaders

  • 12,000 Lb. Capacity
  • Available for most makes and models of Telehandlers, Backhoe Loaders, Compact Wheel or Track Loaders and Tractor Loaders with quick coupler or pin-on mounts.
  • Frame available in standard 48″, 60″ 72″ and 96″ widths. Custom widths available – call with your requirements.
  • AMH’s high carbon steel forks add strength & durability.
  • Heavy duty construction with an extended load backrest for improved load stability and good operator visibility.
  • Standard build includes non-swinging pallet forks in a 48″, 60″, 72″ or 96″ length, and a non-floating shaft style frame.
  • Time-saving and heavy duty built to order hydraulic option include:
    • Swing Frames
    • Slide Tilt Frames
    • Fork Positioning Frames
    • Sideshifting Frames
    • Grapple Arms
  • Floating shaft style frame available in the 48″, 60″, 72″ and 96″ frame widths.
Product #: F6400
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Take your capabilities to the next level with Arrow built to order hydraulic frames for telehandlers. The most popular options include:

Swing Frames
Allowing forks to swing 60 degrees to either side, our swing frames let operators move loads in tight spaces, without having to backup and reposition forks.

Slide Tilt Frames
Don’t let uneven terrain slow your crew down. Arrow slide tilt frames give approximately 10 degrees of tilt up or down to set down a load on uneven surfaces.

Fork Positioning Frames
Not all loads are created equal. With Arrow fork positioning frames drivers can move pallets with different dimensions without leaving the cab – no more manually adjusting forks!

Sideshifting Frames
With sideshifting frames an operator can adjust loads for perfect placement in tight or hard-to-reach areas without having to backup or adjust the location of the fork truck.

Grapple Arms
Not just for grabbing debris, Arrow grapple arms secure loads when tipping backwards or traveling over uneven terrain.