We the People find the value and benefits of a fork spreader attachment for your material handling machines to be self-evident… But here’s a list of the top 5 features of Arrow Attachments Fork Spreaders anyway:

  • Revolutionary Stability and Security: Like Washington crossing the Delaware, steadfast and secure, fork spreaders keep your loads balanced and stable. Fork spreaders make for smooth sailing through any job location. Declare independence from tipping or wobbling.


  • Freedom to Adjust: Just like crafting the perfect fireworks display, adjustability is key. Customize the width to fit every load like a tailor fitting a tricorn hat. It’s liberty and versatility in one! Fixed fork tines also available.


  • Common Sense Ease of Installation: Thomas Payne would appreciate how sensible the installation is for fork spreaders. Swap them in and out faster than you can say “fireworks on the Fourth!”


  • Built Tougher than Betsy Ross’s Stitching: Constructed from steel as strong as our national resolve, designed for world-leading quality by our experienced engineers, these attachments endure every challenge, from sea to shining sea.


  • Custom Crafted for American Ingenuity: Each fork spreader is custom-built to order in Lenexa, Kansas, ensuring a perfect fit for your machine. It’s like Jefferson drafting the perfect constitution for your material handling needs.


In summary, fork spreader attachments embody the spirit of innovation and efficiency that built our great nation. Reach out to your Arrow Sales Representative today!