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Fork Extensions

Heavy Duty Multi-Use Fork Extensions Designed to Improve Load Stability

Heavy Duty Fork Extensions

Arrow’s Heavy Duty Fork Extension are the multi-use alternative to traditional expensive single use extensions. Arrow Fork Extensions are made of high strength GR50 steel and comply with all ANSI/ITSDF B56.1 standards. In addition, the curved tip design and bright yellow powder coating increase visibility and avoid damage to pallets and other valuable material.
  • Made using a higher strength steel than standard single use extensions
  • Can be used multiple times even in the most demanding conditions
  • The curved tip design avoids damaging pallets and other valuable material
  • Yellow powder coated finish increases visibility.
  • Taper begins at tip and goes back 14"
  • Fit forks up to 2" thick
Part Number Width Length
FE-460 4" 60"
FE-472 4" 72"
FE-484 4" 84"
FE-496 4" 96"
FE-560 5" 60"
FE-572 5" 72"
FE-584 5" 84"
FE-596 5" 96"
FE-660 6" 60"
FE-672 6" 72"
FE-684 6" 84"
FE-696 6" 96"

* All Fork Extensions are sold in pairs

** Fork Extensions are engineered to improve load stability,
and should never be load bearing or exceed 150% the length
of the supporting forks.

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For complete information on the ANSI/ITSDF B56 Safety Standards for
Fork Extensions, visit