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Welcome back to the Arrow blog! As a true dealer partner, we strive to add value to your daily operation, in addition to engineering quality products for your customers.

Over the last couple of months, the Arrow Blog has explored different ways to add value to your customers’ equipment. December was Attachment Awareness month and January focused on maximizing equipment during the winter.

This month, we want to highlight some accessory products that can help your customers protect equipment and assets.

According to Siera, forklift accidents contribute to $35 BILLION in repair costs in the U.S. each year. This is a mind-boggling number and both Arrow and our OEA Safeguard brand have solutions that can assist your customers in avoiding the costs associated with damage to equipment and products. 

Protective Equipment

OEA Safeguard Fork Wear Indicator

Bumper Guards

Designed to protect your forks and forklifts from minor impacts, Bumper Guards are a welcome addition to any fleet looking for added protection. Bumper Guards are attached by magnets, so no permanent modifications or holes are required for installation.

OEA Safeguard Hydraulic Guard

Hydraulic Guards

Hydraulic components on a forklift can be easily damaged and costly to repair. Hydraulic Guards are heavy-duty, easy to install solutions that offer effective protection to the hydraulic components of forklifts.

OEA Safeguard Hydraulic Guard/Pallet Stops

Fork Shields

These shields are designed to protect the most vulnerable part of a fork, the heel. Fork Shields prevent nicks, gouges and stress cracks that reduce the life of a fork and force your customers into costly early replacement.

Forklift Laser Guide

OEA Safeguard Forklift Laser Guide

Help reduce product damage and loss by providing operators with a visual light when picking up and placing a load. This is a valuable add-on for your customers because it is easy to install and long lasting (50-hour battery). The Forklift Laser Guide is competitively priced and will help minimize product loss, protect customers’ assets and improving efficiency.

Hopefully, these products provide solutions for some of your customer’s problems, and you can pass along the added value to them.

Do your customers ever bring concerns that these products can help alleviate? What other common customer problems would you like to see solutions for? Let us know in the comments!

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