Fox 4 News Interviews Arrow CEO Terry Melvin

June 11th marks National Forklift Safety Day, an occasion in which those in the material handling and construction industries are encouraged to share their ideas as to how they can make forklifts safer to use.

According to OSHA, one in six workplace deaths involve forklifts. That statistic alone justifies taking a good hard look at how to better train forklift operators as well as improving the technology of the forklifts themselves.

Recently, Arrow CEO Terry Melvin sat down with Sherae Honeycutt of Fox 4 News Kansas City to discuss a recent breakthrough in forklift technology and what his company is doing to improve safety conditions in the workplace.

See the full story on the Fox 4 News official website.

The Forklift Safety Device is a product of OE Attachments, the sister company of Arrow Material Handling Products.