Heavy Duty Trailer Spotter

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Heavy Duty Trailer Spotter

The Heavy Duty Trailer Spotter maneuvers larger trailers and ball hitch equipment. The Heavy Duty Trailer Spotter includes a pintle coupler and fits a 1″ trailer ball. To use the Heavy Duty Trailer Spotter, insert the forks into the fork pockets and attach the spotter to the carriage or frame.


  • Includes pintle coupler to move trailers and lift.
  • Install trailer ball of your choice to move trailers – drilled to fit a 1″ shank trailer ball.
  • Maximum trailer capacity 10,000 lb (with correct ball).
  • Maximum lift capacity or tongue weight 2,000 lb (Pintle coupler).
  • Heavy Duty safety chain attaches spotter to your frame or carriage – 1000151 supplied with one safety chain, 1000293 supplied with two safety chains.
  • Insert forks into fork pockets, attach safety chain, spotter is ready to use.


Product # Description Spotter Size Accepts Fork Size
Width Length Weight Width Thickness
1000151 Wide Width 36″ 40″ 220 lb 6″ 2.25″
1000293 Extended Reach 36″ 60″ 320 lb 9″ 3.25″