AMH Attachments

Retail Dealers - US/CA

Sensible Usage and Safety Tips


  • All CTI Attachments come with an Owner's Kit noting procedures to follow for the safety of the operator and those in the area. Be sure to read and understand the Owner's Manual and any other materials included in the Owner's Kit before operating any machine equipped with a CTI attachment. The user is responsible for his or her own safety, as well as the safety of those around the equipment at the jobsite.

  • Always store attachments in a safe manner when not in use. Be sure they cannot tip over or cause injury because of improper storage.


  • Know the lift capacity of the machine you are using and know the weight of the load. The weight of the load should never exceed the lift capacity of the machine.

  • Use of forks can be extremely dangerous. You or others can be hurt by tipping the machine or losing the load.

  • Know your safety rules and use extreme caution when operating.

  • Always keep the load centered on the tines and machine, even when stopped.

  • Never roll back forks so that the load can fall on you or others.

  • Place forks on the ground before dismounting from the machine. Never leave the machine with a raised load. Always follow machine manufacturers' recommendations for dismounting and parking the machine. Always store the forks securely so they cannot fall over when not in use.

  • Use of forks will reduce machine stability. Use extreme caution when lifting and transporting loads. Follow machine manufacturer's recommendations for use of counterweights and other ballast. Keep forks as low as possible when driving with a load on the forks.

  • Ramps, grades and bumpy or soft ground will greatly reduce a machine's stability and lift capacity. Lifting and transporting loads under these conditions is extremely dangerous. Do Not lift loads that exceed the backheight of the loadguard or bucket.