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CTI 4-in-1 Bucket Forks

Recognizing that "4-in-1" buckets have the unique ability to grab and hold many things, including attachments, CTI has designed a revolutionary type of fork that takes advantage of that feature - its new 4-in-1 Bucket Forks.


  • No welding, no screws, no holes in the bucket. The closed clam holds the forks firmly in place.

  • Rigid mounts - the forks don't swing or shift sideways.

  • Easy to operate - the forks are level when the cutting edge is level.

  • Easy on, easy off - No lifting, just pick them up and set them down with the machine.

  • Towers that are 37 inches tall to keep loads in place and allow the operator to see the forks from the cab.

  • Round grab bars on the towers to make it easy to move the forks on the ground or on and off a truck.

  • Safety chains to ensure the forks will stay in place even if the bucket is accidentally opened.

  • Attaches to the most reinforced part of the bucket - the cuttin edges.

To mount CTI's new 4-in-1 bucket forks, just open the bucket "clam", drive into the forks, pick them up with the front cutting edge, and close the clam on the retainer bars that fit between the two back cutting edges. Then hook up the safety chains and go to work!

When you've finished moving your loads, set the forks down, unhook the chains, open the clam, back out of the forks, and go.

CTI's 4-in-1 bucket forks are available with a 6000 lb. lift capacity and 48" solid steel tines for Caterpillar, Case, John Deere, Gannon for John Deere, and Komatsu 4-in-1 buckets. (An 8000 lb model with 60 inch tines is available by special order).

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  • Buckets with clam cylinders that have a tendency to bleed off should be equipped with an accessory check valve before installing CTI 4-in-1 Bucket Forks.

  • These forks can be removed from a truck or trailer and repositioned on the ground using the round grab bars at the top of the towers. Use the bucket clam to grasp the top of the towers under the round grab bars so the forks do not slip through the clam.

  • Do not use the safety chain and hook for lifting or moving the forks.

  • Remember that lifting capacity is limited by both the tine capacity of the forks and the capacity of the loader, whichever is less. Also, because of the increased load radius with the forks and their additional weight, loader lift capacity is reduced by approximately 17% when forks are added.

Click this icon for general sensible usage and safety tips.

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CTI 4-in-1 Bucket Fork Attachments now come in two lift capacities. Using the connected model list can help you in finding the right fork size for your equipment.

CTI Model Machines Bucket Part Number Bucket Size CTI Part Number CTI Retainer Bars Measurement "B" *
MP60 Caterpillar 1120938 1.25 cu yd 460-0700 460-0015 23.50 inches
MP60 Komatsu 312630087 1.36 cu yd 460-0700 460-0015 21.25 inches
MP60 John Deere, including "Gannon for John Deere" AT150456 AT186432 AT177940 1.37 cu yd 1.32 cu yd 1.00 cu yd 460-0701 460-0020 21.00 inches 21.75 inches 20.50 inches
MP60 Case 376288A2 1.30 cu yd 460-0702 460-0035 19.50 inches
* Measurement "B" is the distance from the front cutting edge to the scraper cutting edge across the bottom of the bucket.

CTI Model Fits Bucket Measurement "B" * Lift Capacity at 24" Load Center Tine Length Tower Height Tine Size Weight
MP60 19.5 - 23.5 inches 6000 lbs. 48 inches 37 inches 2 x 4 inches 512 lbs.

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